Ladies, this is for you!

I wanted to do a blog post that explains this new addition to my business that will hopefully make your photography experience with me a little easier! It is a client closet for women full of dresses. Can be used for Moms, Fiancés, or senior girls. I will say when I started this, it was definitely geared more towards the Moms. As a mother myself, I know the hardest part is picking out an outfit for your session and not really wanting to spend the money on something nice that in reality you will only wear the one time. But now when it comes to our kids, we will spend $$$$ to make sure they look like a million bucks, that's just who we are! Moms deserve this same treatment and MUCH more! The client closet is located in our pasture here in Cartersville so to take full advantage of this when you book a standard one hour session with me at this location you will have full access to the client closet. The pasture is where I do majority of my family photography. Its a 7 acre piece of land with a man made pond, wooden tree swing, and best of all it's totally private. We can shoot in several different parts and each time will look like a different location. I am going to post photos of the client closet below along with the current dresses. The main size I have right now is Medium, but a lot of the mediums run bigger so some are like a large (I have found this to be common with boutique dresses!) So we will have clips for the back if the fit is not right. Also available are XXS, XS, S & L. The closet will only grow from here, this is just a start!

Photos of Dresses Below, click photo to enlarge.

(New dresses are added regularly, please see instagram highlight labeled "Client Closet" for updates.

Also-All dresses may not be photographed, so look below for photos of clients wearing new ones!

Photos of Women wearing some of these dresses....